Tools and Resources for Designing Your International Student Recruitment Strategy

by Willemijn Nieuwenhuys

Content & format

Section 1: Student Search options 

  • Discuss advantages of student search tools 

  • Discuss how to optimize a student search and any pitfalls to avoid. 

Section 2: Other Armchair recruitment options 

  • Discuss resources for webinars and video presentations. 

  • Discuss social media options. 

  • Discuss lead-generation portal platforms. 

Section 3: Recruitment travel 

  • Discuss pros and cons of recruitment fairs 

  • Discuss pros and cons of small group travel 

  • Discuss pros and cons of solo travel 

  • Discuss options closer to home (local high schools that have international students) 

Section 4: Q&A

Learning outcomes 

  • Learn about how to leverage international student search methods.
  • Learn about effective armchair international student recruitment strategy.
  • Get to know specific resources that they can consult in order to design a student recruitment strategy.


About Willemijn Nieuwenhuys

Willemijn joined the Council of International Schools (CIS) is 2014. As Director Higher Education Services she is responsible for offering its 500 + Higher Education Members throughout the world a wide variety of services to facilitate the development of relationships with the 700+ CIS member schools and more than 550,000 students they enrol. Services focus on international student recruitment, professional development and networking in the world of international admission and guidance. Through membership in CIS, institutions of higher education have the opportunity to raise their profile among this highly mobile and academically well-prepared population of students. Prior to joining CIS, she served for six years as the Director of Student Recruitment & External Relations at Vesalius College, an English-language undergraduate college in Brussels.